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What people say about this tool:

Picture of Cat Cunningham

Cat Cunningham, DC:
Great tool! Was worth the investment! I am 5"1', 120lbs maybe.... getting round some thicker pts is tough, and I don't have a ton of upper body strength. This was a game changer! Since I've had it I've been able to do anterior on pts I have never been able to before, and get them to go on pts haven't been able to get them to go on previously. Makes a perfect fulcrum, and most people hardly need a thrust with it. I can just lean on them and that is enough! Save my hands and my chest!

Picture of Dr. Steven Silverman

Dr. Steven Silverman:
I’ve tried a few different tools through the years but this one I will keep. Very comfortable to use and more important the patients don’t feel like they are lying on a brick. Great for supine or standing anteriors. Love the magnets so I can hang it on the side of a cabinet and don’t have to go looking for it.

Picture of Dr. Telishia D.

Dr. Telishia D:
It has been great! Saves my hand and is also probably more comfortable for my patients too. I had my colleague use it on me and I thought it was comfortable and got some good movement in my mid back so I am loving it so far!

Picture of Dr. Cole W.

Dr. Cole W:
As a practitioner I'm cognizant of the wear and tear adjusting can have on my body over time. The Anterior Assist protects my hand while adjusting and is comfortable for both me and my patient. My patients love it!

Picture of Dr. Brent Binder

Dr. Brent Binder:
I've had several anterior thoracic tools over the last decade. I use them a few times and then they end up in the closet. When I got the anterior assist I liked it immediately because of the smooth contour and the natural feel from the wood. I definitely prefer wood to the clunky metal device with a similar function. Now, I use the Anterior Assist on ALL LARGER FRAMED patients that require an anterior thoracic adjustment. It's made a significant difference for patients that are sometimes difficult to adjust.

Picture of Dr. Katie S.

Dr. Katie S:
Anterior Assist is a great one to have in your office! It is very versatile and saving years of wear and tear on my most valuable tool, my hands. I highly recommend for anyone who does soft tissue work and anterior adjusting Anterior Assist!

Picture of Dr. Patrick P.

Dr. Patrick P:
I like to use Anterior Assist on patients who are more stiff and difficult to move. I have found when using Anterior Assist I can move the bone much easier and I also don’t stress my own body doing so. I’m very satisfied!

Picture of Dr. Adam M.

Dr. Adam M:
I typically don’t do a ton of anterior adjustments, but when I do, normally I’d hurt my hand, and it’s uncomfortable for the patient; with Anterior Assist that is not the case, and none of my patients have found it uncomfortable.

Close-up photo from the side of the anterior assist tool, a wooden arched hand tool
Photo of the anterior assist tool from the side
Photo of the top of the anterior assist tool

"Anterior Assist has enabled me to adjust patients that are larger than myself with ease."

Photo of a chiropractor treating a patient's back with the anterior assist tool