Anterior Adjustment logo with two letter A's that are side-by-side

What people say about this tool:

Dr. Brent Binder (famous in youtube)   

"I've had several anterior thoracic tools over the last decade. I use them a few times and then they end up in the closet. When I got the anterior assist I liked it immediately because of the smooth contour and the natural feel from the wood. I definitely prefer wood to the clunky metal device with a similar function. Now, I use the Anterior Assist on ALL LARGER FRAMED patients that require an anterior thoracic adjustment. It's made a significant difference for patients that are sometimes difficult to adjust." 

Dr. Katie S.
"Anterior Assist is a great one to have in your office! It is very versatile  and saving years of wear and tear on my most valuable tool, my hands. I highly recommend for anyone who does soft tissue work and anterior adjusting Anterior Assist!"


Close-up photo from the side of the anterior assist tool, a wooden arched hand tool
Photo of the anterior assist tool being used on a patient's arm
Photo of the top of the anterior assist tool

"Anterior Assist has enabled me to adjust patients that are larger than myself with ease."

Photo of a chiropractor treating a patient's arm with the anterior assist tool