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How to Use the Tool

Anterior Assist is the most versatile tool to adjust patients with the anterior adjustment technique utilized by thousands of chiropractors world-wide. Not only does this tool offer the ability to adjust patients thoracic spine anteriorly, but also has a soft tissue (IASTM) component making this tool an amazing all in one product. We don't ask that you change your whole clinic flow or technique. We just ask you add this tool to your arsenal of techniques to choose from.

We all have to stiff difficult to adjust patients that don't adjust prone. Finally offer relief to those patients without jeopardizing your health. You owe it to your patients to be in practice for years PAIN FREE!

Also don't forget to check out our youtube channel showing testimonials and how-to-use demonstrations!

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Close-up photo from the side of the anterior assist tool, a wooden arched hand tool
Photo of the anterior assist tool from the side
Photo of the top of the anterior assist tool

"Anterior Assist has enabled me to adjust patients that are larger than myself with ease."

Photo of a chiropractor treating a patient's back with the anterior assist tool