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Meet the Creators of Anterior Assist by Redison Tech LLC:

Dr. Jeff Redenius DC, ATC

Owner of Redenius Chiropractic PLLC, Lake City 24 Hour Fitness, and co-owner of Redison Tech, LLC

Photo of Jeff Redenius

Nick Erickson

Engineer, owner of Revel Innovations, co-owner of Redison Tech, LLC

Photo of Nick Erickson

Features of the Anterior Assist

The Anterior Assist weighs only 4 ounces-- that is the equivalent to two tennis balls. The tool is 3 inches wide, 2 inches in height (similar to the fist of a chiropractor), and 7.5 inches in length. This tool is incredibly ergonomic for the clinician. It has a thumb recess for both left and right handed adjusters. It also has a long recess along one edge for the larger muscle soft tissue to help catch the soft tissue emollient to allow it to stay contained in one area.

The tool has a large recess for the spinal vertebrae to set in to allow a comfortable adjustment. Finally, we applied two magnets on the base of the Anterior Assist so the practitioner can place the tool in an easy to access location and not clutter their desk area.

Close-up photo from the side of the anterior assist tool, a wooden arched hand tool
Photo of the anterior assist tool being used on a patient's arm
Photo of the top of the anterior assist tool

"Anterior Assist has enabled me to adjust patients that are larger than myself with ease."

Photo of a chiropractor treating a patient's arm with the anterior assist tool